Articles/Papers/Essays to read RIGHT NOW!!

This page is under construction, but there is still plenty to read….check it out below.

Re-thinking Standardization.  A collection of important ideas and thoughts on Standards, by Joe Bower.

Kindergarten Approach to Learning.  This is a paper written by an MIT professor that calls for a kindergarten approach to learning at ALL LEVELS of education, not just kindergarten.

The Inadequacy of Mass Education and the Case for Autodidacticism by Jordan Bates.  Brilliant stuff to make you think critically about education.  Read these other articles by Bates too: Schopenhauer on “Natural” vs “Artificial” Education.

3 Status Quo Mentalities That Lead to Discontent.  Another by Jordan Bates.  Think about how school perpetuates these 3.  After reading this, stay on Refine the Mind and read The Mirror Lies: Beyond a World Obsessed with Appearances.

Seven Myths that Suffocate Potential. Another by Jordan Bates. Myth #2 is: “Comfort is Happiness.”  And myth #2 is: Learning is a boring, annoying thing they force you to do in school.”

Carl Rogers on Self-Actualization, the Fully-Functioning Person, and Person-Centered Therapy.  How is this not required reading in every teacher-prep program?

Intelligence and Metabolism.  Ray Peat explains “intelligence” and how there are many factors that influence it (stimulation, freedom, etc.)

What if Hitler had Been Accepted into Art School?

The “I” of the Beholder.  What is the Self?  “The fate of the world depends on the selves of human beings.”

Will be posting something about/by William Doll, Jr. here.