Articles/Papers/Essays to read RIGHT NOW!

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What is Physical Education?  What is at the heart of it?  What do we do best?  What can we do best?  Where lies our greatest potential(s)?  These may offer valid answers:

Frank Forencich’s articulation of the “Human Predicament” and his notion of the “Long Body.”  Also read his “Habit is Tissue” and “Falling Short,” both meditations on our fragmentary ways of seeing and doing.

What is at the heart of Physical Education? Justen O’Connor

Hedgehog Concept for PE-Tyler Johnson

Communities of Play-Tyler Johnson

Kindergarten Approach to Learning.  This is a paper written by an MIT professor that calls for a kindergarten approach to learning at ALL LEVELS of education, not just kindergarten.  What would PhysEd look like if we applied his framework???

Will be linking to Alan Ovens and his papers on critical pedagogy, curriculum, and complexity thinking in PE)

Will be linking to Katie Fitzpatrick’s thoughts on Critical Pedagogy and Social Justice.

Youth Action Initiative from Monash University.  Great example of quality PhysEd.  Read this section on Authentic Learning too!  How can you apply these insights to your program?

Will be linking to Ken Ravizza’s article, The Body Unaware.

Will be linking to Steven Stolz’s works, especially his paper, Can Educationally Significant Learning be Assessed?

Will be linking to many of Scott Kretchmar’s papers, especially his work on Complementary Kinesiology, Joy and Delight.


Will be linking to Goel’s Who Am I: A teacher’s journey…

Thomas Hanna interviewed by the Somatic Systems Institute.  This is my own annotated version of the article.  Hanna talks here about the “Soma,” the lived-body, and how to cultivate awareness in and through movement.