Articles/Papers/Essays to read RIGHT NOW!!!

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Alan Watts on Becoming Who You Really Are

Frank Forencich’s articulation of the “Human Predicament” and his notion of the “Long Body.”  Also read his “Habitat is Tissue” and “Falling Short,” both meditations on our fragmentary ways of seeing and doing.

Erich Fromm: Having vs. Being. and Respect and Loving.

Six Destructive Ideas Perpetuated in Western Culture.  One of them is “Idea #4: That Products Can Fix You.”  By Jordan Bates

Three Status-Quo Mentalities that Lead to Widespread Discontent. By Jordan Bates.  We must develop self-awareness, otherwise we fall prey to the destructive ways of thinking and acting that we tend to inherit.

The Mirror Lies: Beyond a World Obsessed with Appearances.  What we see is more than how it appears to us, yet we limit things to appearance.

Seven Myths that Suffocate Potential. Another by Jordan Bates. Myth #2 is: “Comfort is Happiness.”

Self-Actualization This article describes Maslow’s Pyramid as “Linear,” and though it appears that way, it is thought of more as a gradient (non-linear) with overlap between levels.

What if Hitler had Been Accepted into Art School?

Deep Play: Rationality in the Life World with Specal Reference to Sailing–by Patrick Goold (a mouthful, but one of my favorite reads EVER!)***** I have annotated this paper with highlights, comments, notes, etc.  If you  would like to have a copy, please email me.

Play as Self-Realization: Toward a General Theory of Play—by Thomas Henricks.  ***** I have annotated this paper with highlights, comments, notes, etc.  If you  would like to have a copy, please email me.

Systems Thinking primer.  Seeing the world as patterns, processes, relationships, networks, interconnected wholes.

E-Prime–a way of speaking that more accurately reflects reality–a sort of “semantic hygiene.”  Good resources can also be found here and here.  This, I think, should be explicitly “taught” in school.  Honors and reflects the complexity of life.  And here is one more: Jordan Bates on Reality Tunnels (coined by Robert Anton Wilson).

John Ioannidis: Why most published research is false and why evidence-based medicine has been hijacked.

Leading Journalists Expose Major Media Corruption

Chris Masterjohn: Beyond Good and Evil.  ABC’s of nutrition with an emphasis on synergy and context.

True Meaning of the Golden Rule–Psychology Today: Izzy Kalman

Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think.  From Wait But Why