Blogs/Websites you should READ OFTEN!!!

I don’t necessarily agree with everything published on the following sites.  Nor will you.

So listen to Bruce Lee:

Bruce lee absorb what is useful
Image courtesy of  Quotes Gram

Brain Pickings — Ridiculously informative and insightful.  If I could only read one website the rest of my life, it would be this one.

Refine The Mind— If I could only two read two websites the rest of my life, this would be included.

Ray Peat— Nobody combines experience, research, and an ecological worldview with health and nutrition like Ray Peat does.  These other guys are the next best: Chris Masterjohn, Chris Kresser, Anthony Colpo, Functional Performance Systems, and Exuberant Animal.

A Playful Path, and Deep Fun. Bernard De Koven’s musings on Play:  De Koven does a masterful job of illustrating the transformative potential of PLAY.

The Play Ethic–Pat Kane writes about the significance of PLAY!   And it is significant!!

Philosophy for Life-Great writings on philosophy, society, politics.

Gabor Mate– Visit this site if you want to better understand human behavior, especially the dysfunctional kind.

Matt Taibbi–Journalist who (un)covers financial and political corruption.  You will be saddened by how bad it gets.

Chris Hedges— Sheds light on corruption in global and domestic politics.  Necessary reading.

Jeremy Scahill— Investigative reporter with The Intercept.  Covers war, politics, foreign policy, and basically a lot of dirty, yucky stuff that we pretend not to know about.