Podcasts/Episodes you need to listen to ASAP!!!

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Neil Thiese: Complexity and Consciousness. Expanding Mind

Fritjof Capra on the Systems View: With The New School at Commonweal, Terrence McNally, and Rob Kall.

Henry Giroux on The Culture of Cruelty and the Neoliberal War on Education…with Rob Kall.

Scott Atran: Hopes and Dreams in a World of Fear.On Being.  (About the need for significance, and how terrorism offers a remedy to those who feel insignificant)

Gabor Mate on Addiction, Power, and Inner Resilience (it’s really about the quest for authenticity.  He does a great job explaining why we do stupid things): with ShrinkRap Radio and Bioneers.

Ellen Langer: the Science of Mindlessness and Minfulness. On Being

Adele Diamond: The Science of Attention. On Being.

Stuart Brown: Play, Spirit, Character. On Being.

Marilynne Robinson and Marcelo Gleiser: The Mystery We Are.  On Being.

Ervin Laszslo: on Quantum Entanglement.


On Being

New School at Commonweal

Expanding Mind


ShrinkRap Radio

Terrence McNally