Podcasts/Episodes you should listen to ASAP!

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Ray Peat interviews.  Any and all of them are good.

Justen O’Connor on Systems Thinking applied to Physical Education.  He encourages us to embrace difference in our approaches, rather than seeking conformity, compliance, and predictability.  Here he is interviewed by Andy Vasily on Andy’s Run Your Life Podcast.  As of August 2017, I can’t find the link to Justen’s episode on Andy’s site.  It should be available on iTunes, however.

Pasi Sahlberg: What we can all learn from Finland’s School System. One thing is: PLAY MORE!! YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS ONE! Here is the video.

Rafe Esquith, Author of Real Talk for Real Teachers.  ESSENTIAL LISTENING!!!  Listen to what he says about standards and conformity.

Fritjof Capra, co-author of The Systems View of Life.  Listen to these interviews with Terrence McNally, Rob Kall, and The New School at Commonweal.