Videos/Clips you need to watch ASAP!

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Teaching Physical Education as Though the Future Depends on it — a joint project I am working on with Alan Ovens (University of Auckland).

Youth Action Initiative:  watch the video embedded on the site.  Argues for moving beyond a “narrow” conception of Physical Education, and that PE needs a “broader frame that explores the everyday lives of people in a movement context that is relevant.”

“Be A Man.”  One of the best TED talks I’ve ever seen, by former NFl’er Joe Ehrmann.  I’ve also attended one of his workshops and have about 6 pages of notes.  If you’d like a copy of them, email me.  Ehrmann says that the three words, “Be A Man” have become “one of the most culturally destructive mandates in this culture.  If we could change these words, we could change the world.”

Moving with Purpose–TED talk by Galo Alfredo Naranjo

Rootless Root: “It is a movement driven, reflective platform that we have established in order to develop an artistic language that is accessible, primal, creative and playful.  We are movement practitioners that are fundamentally interested in human emotion and cultural expression.”

Alan Watts: Live Fully Now, Wisdom of YouthHow Do We Define OurselvesThe Secret of Life, Awakening, and most importantly Playing the Game of Life.

Bruce Lee: The Wisdom

Panyee FC Short Film.  This short film is about a group of boys in a Thai fishing village who wanted to play soccer but didn’t have a field.  How they solved this problem is inspiring!  This video will amaze you.  A perfect testament to the power of play and community!